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Commercial Photography

Telephone Richard on 01623 401439 or 07714087229 also Emailrichard@richardstevens.org.uk

Mobile and static studio services

We are based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire operating in the East Midlands we are able to range across the central England.

The largest variety of verbal and written briefs comes from commercial photography also the most challenging, I developed some solutions, one of those solutions is the mobile studio. It give us the opportunity to photograph People, processes and products, we also use the same equipment to light interior of buildings, see: Commercial Property.

Our mobile studio is our flexible resource and allows a full and quick response, we are equipped with digital and traditional equipment, flash lighting and other tool to meet clients requirements. Photographs can be taken almost anywhere the customer requires. 

Also see Security Photography if the subjects to be photographed are of value or fragile nature or just to heavy to be carted around.  


We are currently working on a project to provide a static studio in the Nottinghamshire aria. We are at the planning and budgeting stage

As a alterative we can hire a small fully equipped static studio with both digital and traditional equipment, this service includes pack shots or table top studio photography for photographing products. 

We provide image to a very wide range of clients in many industries including the manufacturing and construction industries, advertising, broadcasting and publishing industries.

I hope you enjoy your visit and you have been able to find what you are looking for and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions: richard@richardstevens.org.uk.


Richard Stevens.
Proprietor and Photographer.


Photographing & Imaging of Interiors and exteriors of residential and commercial properties, new developments and industrial property, hotels and holiday homes, historic building, interior designs, exhibitions, architecture and landscape also photography of fragile and/ or valuable artefacts at their location.

Telephone Richard on 01623 401439 or 07714087229 also Emailrichard@richardstevens.org.uk


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