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Telephone Richard on 01623 401439 or 07714087229 also Emailrichard@richardstevens.org.uk

We have two photography services to choose from.

Standard Residential Service

Full Residential Service

Your beautiful home...

There are a few reasons why I find myself photographing residential properties and not all are not property sales related although it is the majority of my commissions. Some request are for images of residential investments portfolio, some are request from life style magazines and some from individuals who would like to make a record of their home and family.  

Estate agents are very good at selling and renting properties, of that I have no doubt, but they are not trained professional photographers, often nor are the people that take the pictures on behalf of the estate agents and that often shows in the poor quality of the images they use in the process of selling your home. 

We have two photography services to choose from.

  • Standard Residential Photography Service is what we photograph and provide for local estate agents, it takes about an hour to shoot both interiors and exteriors and we edit, and convert the images to "jpeg" format deliver the following day. For more information click Standard Residential Service.
  • Full Residential Photography Service is so much more than the Standard Residential Service, there is no comparison. Find out why it's so much more, click Full Residential Service

Quicker sale and a better price for the property

Because properties are competing for the attention of buyers, the images buyers see can seriously improve or hamper the attention your property gets and this will effect the speed of the sale and the eventual price of the sale.

Quick sale and a better than expected price is what every seller needs and this is what we can help you active.

We are based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire operating in the East Midlands we are able to range across the central England.

I hope you enjoy your visit and you have been able to find what you are looking for and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions: richard@richardstevens.org.uk.

Richard Stevens.
Proprietor and Photographer.


Photographing & Imaging of Interiors and exteriors of residential and commercial properties, new developments and industrial property, hotels and holiday homes, historic building, interior designs, exhibitions, architecture and landscape also photography of fragile and/or valuable artefacts at their location.

Telephone Richard on 01623 401439 or 07714087229 also Emailrichard@richardstevens.org.uk


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