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Telephone Richard on 01623 401439 or 07714087229 also Emailrichard@richardstevens.org.uk

Quick sale and a better price...

Quick sale and a better than expected price is what every seller needs, this is what we can help you achieve.

Because properties are competing for the attention of buyers, the images buyers see can seriously improve or hamper the attention your property gets and this will effect the speed of the sale and the eventual price of the sale.

Standard Residential Service

With our usual 24 to 36 hour turnover, we can deliver the results of the photography by the end of the following day and often sooner (naturally the weather is a factor).

We can prepare and deliver the files in whichever format required.

Once the photography is complete we return to the office to download edit and convert file to "JPG" format. Finally we will put your images online on this web site and deliver the image on a disk.


Interiors & Exteriors, Including gardens 

  • 2 to 3 bedrooms 80 
  • 4 + bedrooms 110 

Exteriors only, Including gardens 

  • all residential properties 40


Pre-photography Advice

Before we arrive give yourself time to clean and tidy the property both inside and outside, please make sure the front and rear garden, drive and paths are clear of unnecessary clutter.

You need to get rid of any clutter within the property, small aliments can look like clutter as well, so store them safely in a box, large aliments are fine but not to many.


We often find ourselves waiting on the weather to shoot the exteriors but time is of the essence, the interiors can be photographed at my next available appointment, usually I am fortunate enough to be able to photograph the interiors and exteriors of the property at same time. When we are not able to photograph both interiors and exteriors at same time, I will arrange a second appointment after checking the weather.


We endeavour to deliver the full size images within 24 to 36 hours of the shoot completion but your proofs will be online ready to use before delivery. You will receive an email or a phone call to tell you all the information you need to know to access your images.


Payment is simple, to be made on the first appointment via bank transfer to my business account or cash is preferred, we will provide you with invoices and receipts. 


Photographing & Imaging of Interiors and exteriors of residential and commercial properties, new developments and industrial property, hotels and holiday homes, historic building, interior designs, exhibitions, architecture and landscape also photography of fragile and/or valuable artefacts at their location.

Telephone Richard on 01623 401439 or 07714087229 also Emailrichard@richardstevens.org.uk


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